Available Colors

Custom Colors

Every order and client is unique. We offer a wide range of custom colors for our cabins and we work with each individual client to ensure your new cabin is the perfect color for your business. Some popular colors include: Red, Black, White, Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Green, and Yellow.

Please Click Here for Examples of Popular Cabin Colors.


  • Cabin comes up hydraulically for ease of maintenance.
  • Floor frame is made of 2" x 1/8 square tubing welded in a 2'x2' box configuration for strength. Cabin is bolted to framework at 8" spacing.
  • Approximate weight is 1200 lbs, including: up to 17 seats, heater, 8 windows, stereo, 2 wooden boxes for trash and storage, door, roof rack, and removable aluminum ski racks
  • Quick disconnects for antifreeze lines for heater.
  • 3/4 of foam insulation on walls and ceiling, plus carpeting gives 1" of insulation for noise barrier and heat
  • Grab bar on ceiling inside for guests/guides while climbing steep terrain
  • Kick board for ski boots for front three seats for stability of guests/guides while cat is climbing
  • Seats all face forward with the exception of the two guides and the one photographers seat, which faces towards the guests
  • Storage space at the front of the cabin at the ceiling. Used for first aid supplies
  • One wooden box on either side of the front seats for trash, stereo, liquid container holders
  • Rubber floor for nonslip
  • 2" of foam under floor for insulation and sound barrier
  • Sheet metal on bottom of frame for protection and for sound barrier
  • Removable entry steps for ease of backing up while operating the cat
  • Fuel fill up in cabin on floor under metal cover
  • Removable ski/snowboard racks. A fork pocket is incorporated into the ski/snowboard rack holder for a bobcat or a forklift to easily remove the cabin from the cat.
  • 6 layers of 1.5 oz. fiber glass strand mat on walls
  • 8 layers of 1.5 oz. fiber glass strand mat on ceiling
  • All fiberglass seams are overlapped a minimum of 10"
  • Cabin is one piece for strength and water proof
  • Fog lights/flashing warning lights on back of cabin
  • Fiberglass entry door with window and t handle for consistent opening and closing
  • Back row seating tilts back and locks for cooler or storage
  • All windows have a slider for fresh air
  • The back windows are designed as emergency exits
  • Fins incorporated into the frame for better circulation of air/cooling
  • Factory air filter is removed and a specifically designed K&N air filter is installed to give better engine performance
  • Exhaust/muffler is removed and replaced with a specifically designed exhaust for better engine performance
  • All seams on floor, door, windows are sealed with spray foam, silicone, and aluminum tape.
  • CD player with two speakers located in the back corners of cabin
  • Light mounted on the ceiling for visibility when dark